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Saturday 26 January, 2013 | RSS Feed

Advanced customization details of new development of luxury fash

by forwest

The fashion industry is always turned upside down, this statement applies in particular the fate of haute couture. In just shortly before the end of the 12/13 autumn and winter high-set fashion week in Paris, the magnificent haute couture once again bring endless inspiration for fashion. Jacket with the hermes bags sleeves design decorated to metal ores logo, shiny feathers and sequins applique detail, even the tweed parka using sequins hood decoration, is a continuation of a luxurious and elegant gemstone inlaid style. For more than a month ago, when the 12/13 autumn and winter high-set fashion week in Paris come to an end, the fashion Lafayette Karl Lagerfeld to explain why most of the high-set fashion customers are willing to pay more than 30,000 pounds to buy a coat. This interpretation:hermes handbags couture is the others to draw up. You know, these tweed tweed is not, but the art of embroidery, all made by hand. For example, a sleeveless jacket took 3,000 hours to complete. This is a staggering number, especially in this day and age. If we assume that all Paris has the most exquisite handicrafts technicians to work eight hours a day, 3000 hours mean to spend 375 days, which hermes belt is just a coat of workload. Coat value can be quantified.

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