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Friday 11 January, 2013 | RSS Feed

Man back on the road with Hermes

by forwest

2010, when hermes birkin announced select Lemaire as successor. fashion circles suspect about and this brand Chaser were some frightened. Gaultier Jesus known as the bad boy of fashion circles, it is widely loved by the media as a genius. The Lemaire although 10 years working experience in Lacoste, but after all, not Mark Jacobs .     However, soon after joining hermes kelly replica, the first autumn and winter 2011/12 women's conference let all doubts subsided, people see Lemaire bring changing surprise. Since then, Lemaire redefines the Hermes: filled with rich artistic, simple still luxurious, innovative yet elegant. In the 2012 conference of the autumn and winter women's show, he also uses a printing with Oriental elements, significant collision of East and West, Asian sensibility striking there restrained, more design connotation.     Lemaire greatly enhanced clothes’s wearing effects. Looking at the T station, never believe these clothes into the real life of you, is a good thing. The French designer even think, you do not have sensitive staring at a fashion magazine, six months on all updated wardrobe. Create a permanent, will accompany you through a hermes belt and people hope to remain clothes, is his pursuit.

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