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Monday 21 January, 2013 | RSS Feed

Men's favorite -Hermes Birkin bag

by forwest

Birkin bag no doubt is the woman lifelong dream bag, despite its higher social status, the special status and craftmanship, and simply want to have a Birkin, you need patience with its lengthy waiting list and financial hermes bags. Precisely the Birkin also captured the beauty of the full MARC JACOBS pro-gaze. MARC interpretation, Birkin bag become a very functional and practical one. A motorcycle jacket, a Birkin bag, Marc Jacobs, perhaps everyone admired him. Perhaps it is his grade to make him stand out, who is also the design of the three brands, his romantic gene Louis Vuitton, Marc jacobs Marc by Marc Jacobs with his casual gene. In New York, which man could be so attract your eye? None other than the Marc Jacobs. Bright red T-shirt and dark red Scotland male skirt. Marc Jacobs personally to subvert traditional menswear. BIRKIN that dotting sum, such dress is not ordinary people can match. Frequently communicate between Paris, New York, Marc Jacobs. His hermes handbags reveals the elegance of the French, his boots revealed Americans gender.

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