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Wednesday 23 January, 2013 | RSS Feed

Red Hermes ambiguous new fragrance

by forwest

The story dates back to 1984, Akiko Kamei, perfumers created "Parfume d'Hermes", the lapse of many years, hermes bags decided to give it a new image. The thirties Akiko has entered the prime of her down - the high spirit of the rich oriental, desalination is clean and elegant floral amber, "ROUGE HERMES" is the new name of this fragrance, also praises elegant and mature women charm. The changing image brings Hermes more inspiration, introduced as "hermes handbags" perfume series, also including the balm, perfume, soap, body cream, spray body cream, and even an unprecedented red lipstick, this is probably the first time we may be worthy of the name "wipe" perfume in the mouth. The story of the brand is abrupt fantasy, entrust the designer Mac Connico design seven painting art image, record the little girl into mature woman's journey, as the image of "ROUGE HERMES" endorsement perfume the addition expanded a lot of imagination. However, this is considered old tune , Loyal customers for hermes belt, perhaps more looking forward to a new perfume, rather than old wine in new bottles, Arnaud Ploix revealed new fragrance is already in the pipeline, "do not worry about, we have introduce d new plan. the opportunity was not too much, we did not have so much old perfume.

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