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Shopping at L'ecrin online boutique
Prices including tax and shipping charge for domestic will be displayed on order and an automatically
reply mail in Guangzhou of china after order.Besthermes.com online boutique will kindly inform total amount at Duty Free price and international shipping charge by order confirmation email, later.(STEP 02)
Please write down your name and address in English on order.
Receiving order confirmation email and payment
www.forwest.com online boutique will inform you the total amount including shipping charge and insurance fee
by order confirmation email.
Please make sure the total amount on order confirmation email.
Dispatch of order and receibing tracking number by dispatch information email
www.forwest.com online boutique will email you a tracking number when your order is dispatched.
Delivery of order
Your order will be delivered to your designated address. If applicable, please pay customs duties and
taxes directly to the delivery agents upon delivery.